This 5 mode 70m diving flashlight is a trusty companion for all of your outdoor quests. It's high intensity lighting combined with a shock resistant and waterproof body makes it the perfect choice for preppers, survivalists, divers, backyard heroes and anything in-between.

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Product Description

I always get excited watching movies such as Sanctum and Into The Blue. And a little bit scared. It’s amazing how much their lives depend on the gear they use. Gear such as this diving flashlight (what a coincidence).

While you should rigorously test any equipment you use (and get spares) when your safety depends on it, you should also get a good deal while it lasts.

The diving torch is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, has good heat dissipation, resists rust, corrosion and it is shock resistant.

It has four lighting modes:

  • High lighting mode – outputs 2000 lumens
  • Mid lighting mode – outputs 1200 lumens
  • Low lighting mode – outputs 500 lumens
  • Strobe lighting mode – outputs 2000 lumens

three safety control features:

  • protected against improper battery installation
  • protected against low voltage – flashlight will adjust modes automatically when the battery runs low
  • protected against overheating – lighting mode will change to avoid overheating

two underwater features:

  • magnetic lighting mode dial that prevents the water getting in
  • mounting threaded hole for attaching the flashlight to your diving equipment or camera

all packed in one awesome waterproof flashlight.

Flashlight Uses

You can use this diving torch for most outdoor activities:

  • waterfront and underwater applications such as diving
  • fishing, hunting, camping, hiking
  • cave exploring (if you are more brave than I am)
  • searches and rescues
  • as a key or fill light for underwater photography
  • to search for your favorite tool (that you last used 10 years ago) in the barn
  • to try to temporarily blind a huge shark that tries to eat you (let me know if you’re successful or not)

Ok, it is just a flashlight. But it does bring the best of features that you’ll be able to use no matter if you are on dry land or taking a quick dive.

Please give it some love – maintain and clean it after each rigorous use.


Additional information

Weight 0.23 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
Type Of Flashlight

diving, outdoor, emergency







IP Rating




LED Emitter


Lamp Life

Over 10,000 hours





Maximum Depth



2-4 modes





Other features & info

50-100 m lighting distance, varies based on environment 10w

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